Years of Experience

Since 1985, Parker House has been designing and building furniture and cabinetry for some of the finest homes in Ontario. Our Nine Craftsmen have over 175 years of combined experience in building pieces that are both finely crafted, and aesthetically alluring. From simple to elegant, from traditional to contemporary, Parker House can provide an oasis.

High Quality Craftsmanship

At Parker House, we are dedicated to creating the finest quality hand-crafted cabinetry and furniture. Each project – no matter the size – is assigned to a single craftsman, who is responsible for the entire fabrication, which ensures that all details come together perfectly. Our specialized finishing department uses a modern process or a true and tried method of yesteryear to meet all initial requirements. Parker House has been recognized for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in your home. We have successfully engineered & built mechanically movable bookcases, circular rooms and circular cabinetry. Furniture or Built-ins are only part of the picture; Parker House can help you create an entire room – or even your entire house – with a wow factor.

Detail Focused Culture

Details are everything. At Parker House, we design and build everything without compromise. We use only the finest hardware and materials available, and our wood and veneers are hand-picked from our sources throughout Canada and the Northern US, which in turn stock species of wood from all over the world. All solid wood is hand sorted for the project, verifying colour, grain and structure, and our specialty veneering is done in-house. Quality materials, meticulous attention to detail, and a flare for creativity all work together to set Parker House apart.

Infinite Custom Options

In our design process we make every effort to accommodate our customer’s dreams and vision, and together you will work with our talented team to build a fully-customizable work of art to be proud of. The first step is to entirely understand our customer’s concept to the finest detail; we then create a drawing that explicitly communicates these details to you to ensure our understanding is seamless. If it meets your standards, we begin to craft the final product. Whether you’re looking for a modification of an existing design, or an original concept, we’ll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind product that exceeds your expectations.

Tremendous Value

Our passion is for creating custom designs to the requirements and tastes of each individual customer. In the end, you will enjoy a one-of-a-kind piece that has been designed to your exact specifications, masterfully crafted out of the highest quality materials. It will ensure your cabinetry and furniture will last for generations; a family heirloom to be proud of.